Revive to Future


Original pressure wave massage for lymphatic drainage or deep tissue

The principle of mechanical lymphatic drainage was already developed in the 80s. Users experience the proven Slide Styler® today as an unrivaled original variant of this principle - for unique treatments with a feel-good character. During a relaxing 30 minutes, the comfortable cuff pants are filled with pressure from the feet to the waist. Gently sliding waves are created, which can act as a massage on the tissue of the legs and abdominal wall. Because a well-functioning lymphatic system is essential for healthy and beautiful skin. Ideally, lymphatic drainage should strike a balance between the amount of water in the tissue and lymphatic activity.


Effective suction pump massage for the whole body

The suction pump massage, in short SPM®, is a traditional, safe, and proven treatment method. It is a combination of relaxing massage and cupping. All tissue including the subcutaneous fat tissue is sucked in by negative pressure so that the skin can be reached holistically with this treatment and influenced by the massage effect.The areas of application of the SPM® are diverse: Face, breasts, arms, or legs can be treated with negative pressure. Effective and unique. Customers are treated to a relaxing cupping massage where they enjoy the subsequent physical well-being.


Beauty and health in balance – NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT

Deacidification and detoxification in the beauty tent The ratio of acids to bases in the body is very important for the functioning of all metabolic processes. A balance between acids and bases is required for normal metabolism. This balance is decisive for our well-being and the firmness of the skin and connective tissue. Improper diet, lack of exercise, stress, or diseases such as diabetes can lead to over-acidification of the tissue. Then it is time for effective, medical-cosmetic treatment by High Care® Cosmetics.With the Pro-Shape Body Styler, users relax for 30-45 minutes in the beauty ion tent and feel fresh, toned, and healthy again. Because only a liberated body shows its true beauty on the outside.


Butt lifting without a scalpel!

Get more  to know about the unique and innovative SPM® Bottom-Lifting from High Care® Cosmetics: A new, non-invasive cosmetic treatment without scalpel or silicone. The patented cosmetic process is carried out with the help of special butt applicators, which are alternately filled with pressure and vacuum. Users relax completely painlessly on a soft couch for 30 minutes, in which they can look forward to their individual treatment results.



Dermionology® and color light treatment for skin and soul regeneration

The unique facial treatment with negative ions and colored light

In the new, patented Dermio Care® Plus application, the energy of oxygen is applied in the form of high-quality electrically charged negative ions. The term Dermionology® stands for dermis = skin, and ion = electrical particle. At the same time, effective colored light is used, which specifically stimulates certain metabolic processes.


Sonophoresis at the highest level

The ultrasound application that gets under your skin – for deep beauty

As a transdermal system, the ultrasound application with the ‘US Handy’ from High Care® Cosmetics enables the so-called ‘Sonophoresis: The introduction of cosmetic preparations into the depths of the skin. With up to 1,000,000 light taps per second and gentle vibrations, even larger active ingredient molecules can be transported through the skin barriers.

The areas of application are diverse: US Handy is used, among other things, for acne-like skin conditions, wrinkles, but also used individually on the body. Always combined with the innovative active ingredients from the High Care® Med Line.
The following color spectra are used depending on requirements, skin condition and treatment intentions.


With the original aroma and compression therapy to a beautiful silhouette

This is silhouette shaping at the highest level! Because as a patented combination of aroma and compression therapy, skin areas affected during the Body Wrapping application are first treated with a stimulating preparation and then wrapped with an effective film technique. The aim of the application is to support blood circulation in the tissue. The pleasant Body Wrapping is mainly used for cellulite treatments. Users lie relaxed on a couch for 40-60 minutes and let the high-quality ingredients of the body mask work. They have their problem areas on the abdomen, waist, thighs, upper arms, hips, and calves treated for feeling healthy and beautiful again.


Healthy lips – no needles

As a consequence of the photochemical influence of the violet part of the visible light spectrum. The structure of the hyaluronic acid polymer is broken down into molecules. This enhances the penetration and absorption of the active ingredient into the skin of the lips. There is a marked difference and the result: the outer lines become much brighter. After a few hours, the lips feel much firmer and plumper than after the injections, only smoother and undamaged. The result is visible for a few days. After the course (6-10 sessions) the result remains long.